IF, in dismissing the second edition of "Rambles beyond Railways" from the Press, it had been only necessary to mention that I have corrected some little errors which had crept into the first, this prefatory advertisement would, I think, have been scarcely required. I am obliged, however, to obtrude myself on the reader's notice by a very pressing necessity. Circumstances have occurred, which absolutely force me to apologize for my own Title-page!
Since this work first appeared, the all-conquering Railway has invaded Cornwall; and the title of my book has become a misnomer already.
Am I willing to change it? - Certainly not. It was strictly descriptive of the state of the county, when my companion and I walked through Cornwall - it marks the period, and is connected with the remembrance, of our tour - and it has an attaching influence for me, as being associated with a book which has been very kindly received by the public.
For these reasons, I am obstinately bent on letting my title remain. The Cornish Railway Company may be a very powerful company, and may extend their present line from Penzance, till they reach Plymouth - they may make St. Michael's Mount a site for a monster engine-house; and may establish a Board of Directors on the top of the Loggan Rock - but there is one thing they shan't do: they shan't make me change my Title!
A certain Abbe wrote a book, in the time of Gustavus III., to prove that nothing could overthrow the Swedish Constitution of that period. Just as he was correcting his last proof-sheet, a gentleman rushed into the room, and said that the Constitution had been utterly annulled. "Sir," replied the Abbe, looking up very quietly, "they may overthrow the Constitution, but they can't overthrow MY BOOK;" and he went on with his work.
With this "case in point," and the authority of an Abbe to back me, I say once again. - They may make a Railway in Cornwall; but they can't make an alteration in MY TITLE!


January 1852

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